Where Was Ozempic Commercial Filmed?

Where Was Ozempic Commercial Filmed?

Actors featured in the Ozempic Commercial include Jordyn Kylie Fung, who plays the girl purchasing a bike with her mother. Jordyn is an established American actress, having appeared in multiple movies and TV shows.

Subway ads promote GLP-1s from Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic and Wegovy, both approved to treat Type 2 diabetes but increasingly being used for weight loss. Ro offers membership services that provide access to these drugs while helping patients get them covered by insurance plans.

Simi Valley

No matter your preferred film genre – political dramas, cult classics, or suburban comedies – chances are good that Simi Valley has appeared on screen or off, with its diverse landscapes and suburban neighborhoods serving as ideal filming locations.

Men in Black is an iconic sci-fi comedy movie set here and served as one of the settings in Quentin Tarantino’s highly acclaimed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. At the same time, Hollywood was used for multiple scenes from Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Joey Schaljo is an incredible voiceover artist. She made her mark by appearing in an Ozempic commercial called “Pickleball”, has worked with major brands like Samsung and Office Depot as partners, provides voiceover services for eLearning platforms and corporate narration firms, and appears in movies and TV shows.

Joe’s Type 2 Diabetes Zone

Joe Lim, a doctoral student in environmental toxicology, asserts that early life exposure to flame retardants and other chemicals such as PFCs can have lasting repercussions decades later, such as increasing risk for diabetes and obesity. He has studied how such environmental chemicals contribute to these illnesses.

He believes the best way to combat environmental toxins is with a healthy diet, exercise, and regular medical check-ups; more education about preventing diseases is also necessary.

Ozempic commercials depict people living with Type 2 diabetes who use Ozempic to reduce their A1C and lose weight. Preston James Hillier from Nashville and NCIS: New Orleans acts as spokesperson for this product, while Jordyn Kylie Fung from NCIS: New Orleans stars as Jordyn Kylie Fung, who can be seen getting her bike with her mother; this commercial’s song is Magic by Pilot from 1970s hit pop music album Magic (see full credits below).

My Zone

Myzone is a heart rate-based fitness platform that leverages social interaction, gamification, and rewards to encourage individuals to get active. Myzone is used by over 7500 gym chains worldwide – its founder, Chris Jones, believes that hard work should be rewarded accordingly.

Myzone commercials are a fantastic way of spreading awareness and encouraging people to get moving! It was filmed in Simi Valley, California, and features famous actors and actresses like Michelle Rodriguez.

Preston James Hillier, best known for his roles on Nashville and NCIS: New Orleans, stars as Joe in the new Ozempic commercial, where he discusses how its injection can help diabetic patients lose weight and lower their A1C.


Pickleball is an exhilarating and social sport that’s a great way to burn calories without feeling like exercise. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity to connect with family and friends and even serve as therapy for arthritis and other medical conditions.

Three families first invented Pickleball during the summer of 1965 on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Joan Pritchard came up with its name to symbolize leftover rowers from local “pickle boat” crew races who may not have made their races due to injury.

Pickleball differs from tennis in that points can only be scored by the serving side. Players wear athletic shorts or sweatpants and comfortable tennis shoes for play; visors, safety glasses, and light jackets may be worn for outdoor recreation.


Billy Gardell stars in the Ozempic commercial as one of its actors. In “My Zone”, which depicts his diabetic journey, he describes how Ozempic helped lower his A1C and lose weight with its use; and its background music is the classic 70s pop song Magic by Pilot.

Nicole Randall Johnson stars as Emily in the 2020 Ozempic commercial and has previously appeared in numerous films and TV shows such as Open’ Til 3 and American Skin. Additionally, she has established herself as an accomplished voiceover artist for commercials and narration voiceover work.

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